Christian Dougherty Joins Objective Capital Partners As Managing Director, Valuation

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We are pleased to announce the addition of Christian Dougherty to the Objective Capital Partners team. In his role as Managing Director of the Valuation Practice, Christian adds invaluable experience and successful leadership to our team of professionals. His world class ability to serve clients and deep access in our industries of focus make him an outstanding addition to OCP’s senior team. With a proven ability to deliver a portfolio of valuation services to clients from San Diego to New York, Chris further strengthens Objective Capital’s Valuation Practice.


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How To Navigate Investment Banking Fees

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If you are a business owner contemplating the sale of your business, there is one primary question that tends to arise: How do investment banking fees work? An investment banker’s expertise can often significantly increase the sale price and raise the probability of completing a successful transaction. However, before getting started with an investment bank, you want a clear understanding of what fees to expect.

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Matthew J. Pelo Joins Objective Capital Partners As Vice President

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Objective Capital Partners is pleased to announce the addition of Matthew Pelo to the OCP team. In his role as Vice President, Matt brings valuable strategic insights and finance expertise to OCP’s clients. His leadership experience and extensive work in the areas of Genomics and Technology make him an outstanding addition to OCP’s senior team and further strengthen OCP’s Life Sciences and Healthcare Practice Group. With a proven ability to achieve exceptional results, Matt further enhances OCP’s ability to deliver premium investment banking and advisory services to our valued clients.


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10 Most Impactful Life Science and Healthcare Market Trends for 2019

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Cautiously optimistic. That is the tone for the Healthcare and Life Sciences Sector as we head into 2019. Many of us who attended JPMorgan’s Healthcare conference earlier this year in San Francisco, CA, walked away feeling this tone. Despite the ongoing stock market volatility, continuing Affordable Care Act (ACA) challenges, ongoing evolution of regulations, reimbursement policies and delivery models, and risk of a rise in drug price rhetoric in the United States, many are maintaining an optimistic stance for increased growth and efficiency opportunities.


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Guidance for the Life Science Entrepreneur Looking for Strategic Investments in Their Business: Perfect Your Pitch

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This past week, David H. Crean, PhD, Managing Director and head of our Life Sciences and Healthcare Practice Group, spent time reviewing the >400 life science opportunities that were presented to him and our investment banking firm in 2017 in which entrepreneurs and business owners were looking for either capital financing, sell-side M&A, strategic advisory services or partnering/ licensing. Nearly invariably, each investment pitch lacked the complete and necessary material to tell the comprehensive story that would be compelling for an investor to write a check. These entrepreneurs are very smart and passionate about their mission but need to recognize and think like investors or strategic buyers. Investors see and hear many investment opportunities and you need to be differentiated and stand out from the masses.


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How To Look Beyond the Obvious Acquirer for Your Business

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A wise advisor once said, “Obvious buyers are obvious”. This truism serves as a recommendation to sellers to seek beyond the obvious buyers when constructing a list of potential acquirers

Obvious buyers typically identified include a mix of direct competitors and the large players that dominate the sector. Many investment banks often provide sellers with a list of the 25 or so obvious buyers, resulting in the seller feeling a false sense of comfort because all the names of the potential acquirers that they are familiar with are on the list. And, while many of these companies may represent high-fit potential acquirers, the seller is missing out on engaging with a large number of less obvious, high-fit potential acquirers. These acquirers have a strong strategic rationale to acquire and a resulting high willingness to pay a premium purchase price.


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How Family Offices Should Approach Investment in the Life Sciences and Healthcare Industry

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The fundraising landscape for healthcare and life science companies has changed dramatically over the past several years. Entrepreneurs and business owners in these industries need to look toward emerging categories of investors to provide the funding that was historically serviced by venture capital firms (VC’s). Corporate venture funds, angels and angel networks, government agencies, and foundations are all actively investing in these sectors and represent newer, non-traditional avenues for raising capital. However, the latest growing trend is the participation of family offices.


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The Difference Between Strategic & Financial Acquirers

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When owners decide to sell their company, one of the first things they consider is building a list of high-fit potential acquirers for the business. With private equity (financial) acquirers becoming so abundant in the last 10 years (over 2,500 in North America), the list of potential acquirers to approach in the sale process is likely to consist of both strategic and financial acquirers.


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Selling Your Company: How to Respond to An Unsolicited Offer to Buy Your Business

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You received an inquiry or offer to buy your company - now what?

An unsolicited acquisition offer for your business can come as a surprise. If you haven’t considered selling your company or you are 3-5 years out from your planned exit, you may be caught off guard. This can lead to stress and worry about making the right decision in order maximize the sales price.

No matter what your industry of focus is, there are some key strategies you should employ when faced with an inquiry or offer to acquire your company.  The decision you make must be an informed decision in alignment with your objectives.


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Develop Your Financing Strategy to Attract Capital and Move Beyond Your Initial Seed Stage

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From the moment you make a decision to set up and operate a business, you’re in the “business lifecycle.” Fasten your seatbelt before the drive as you’ll journey from idea to startup, and if successful, through to the growth and maturity phases. Each stage of the lifecycle has a unique set of obstacles to deal with and overcome. Being flexible in your thinking and adapting your strategy as you move along will serve you well. This not only applies to a business strategy but also to the financial plans to support the development and growth of the Company. A capital financing strategy should summarize investor targets for outreach by stage of the lifecycle, inflection points and how these will change valuation, and the actions to be taken over a three-to-five year period to achieve the company's goals in its business evolution. Putting together the strategy is hard work that takes time and considerable thought. Raising money is also hard work, so get started today.


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