NanoIVD, Inc. Retains Objective Capital Partners to Explore Strategic and Financial Partnerships

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San Diego, CA and Los Angeles, CA, January 31, 2019 — NanoIVD, Inc., a privately-held company, working on advancing scientific discoveries and understanding of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment, has retained Objective Capital Partners, a middle-market Investment Banking firm located in Southern California and focused on strategic advisory, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), capital financing and valuation services, as their financial advisor.  Objective Capital Partners will seek to identify strategic partnerships and financial investors for NanoIVD to progress the development of their novel work. 

By applying bioinformatics and computational biology, NanoIVD has uncovered the molecular pathways for cancers and Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, the company believes, the principal biomarker targets for cancers and a small molecule compound for treating the primary cause of Alzheimer’s disease that is not of beta-amyloid peptide or tau protein have been identified.   

“We believe NanoIVD has successfully decoded the central molecular pathway and disease mechanism for cancers and Alzheimer’s disease, which are closely related in noteworthy way,” stated Sunnie Kim, President & CEO of NanoIVD. “We hope and look forward to the future when all cancers and Alzheimer’s disease are detected routinely and treated effectively. Our development and commercialization pathways would be best served by complementary strategic business and financial partners to maximize the success of our discoveries.”

“The Objective Capital team is excited to be representing NanoIVD, led by a dedicated scientist and experienced manager, CEO Sunnie Kim, and their discoveries and technology, which has the potential to change the course of diagnosis and treatment for two significant diseases,” said Jack J. Florio, Managing Director at Objective Capital Partners.   



About NanoIVD, Inc.

NanoIVD, a Delaware corporation, founded in 2008, is an early development- stage biomedical company working to develop blood-based test, PanOnco™. PanOnco™ is a “liquid biopsy” in-vitro diagnostic assay for early detection of clinically-significant (aggressive) cancers and can be used for determining cancer presence and the molecular pathway associated with the cancer for improved clinical decision-making in the care of cancer patient. The panel test is comprised of 8 protein biomarkers. These biomarkers are linked to cytoskeleton remodeling, cell migration, angiogenesis, anti-apoptosis, glucose metabolism, cellular proliferation, and immune escape, believed to be central to many types of cancer. The first indication (intended use) of PanOnco™ for FDA clearance is for prostate cancer.

Other NanoIVD works include a small molecule drug for Alzheimer’s disease and highly expressed and exclusively cancer specific proteins from the central cancer pathway for making antibody-drug conjugate. The company also has a flexible multiplex nanowire biosensor platform for developing blood-based tests for other diseases. More information on NanoIVD can be found at

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